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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our freight bill audit services? Wonder what makes our freight software so powerful yet easy to use? Here are a few of the common questions asked by companies who are selecting their partner for 3pl logistics (3rd party logistics).

How is LJS different from other 3pl logistics companies?

LJS partners with clients and carriers alike. With over 30 years experience, we do everything we can to ensure that freight bills don't fall through the cracks. We're the undisputed champs at maximizing efficiencies while minimizing costs at the same time. And unlike most 3pl logistics companies, we offer the personal attention that every client deserves.

What data can be reviewed by your freight bill auditing process?

Our freight bill auditing process has tremendous flexibility. Just let us know what information should be captured from the bill. Don?t be too selective. With the potential for changes in future requirements, it?s better to opt for capturing a little more data than you think you need.

How does LJS actually pay freight bills?

Once we receive appropriate client funds, LJS offers a choice of payment via either check or wire. At your request, we can issue payment upon your check stock. If you?d prefer to make payments directly, we can provide appropriate remittance information.

How does LJS protect us against duplicate billing?

LJS cross-references each payment by freight bill numbers and by bill of lading numbers to ensure that payments are exactly what they should be.


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