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The Right Freight Software Systems

  • AROS: Automated Rating Operating Software
  • CROS: Comparative Rating Operating Software

The AROS system was designed specifically to suit the needs of LJS Logistics and to provide the best tools for freight bill audits for our clients. With flexibility built in from the ground up, AROS cuts to the chase and provides the information you need fast. Automated error checking logic provides an accurate audit and saves you money.

With so many options in freight shipping, rates and higher costs can often creep up on you. By the time you notice those high payments, it's too late, you've already spent more than you needed.

CROS from LJS is a fast and easy way to compare freight shipping rates between your core carriers for a specific shipment. Customized with your pricing agreements, CROS will instantly tell you which carrier has the best freight rate quote to any destination point. Comparing multiple carriers has never been easier. CROS will even limit the rates to only those carriers that actually service your destination point.

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Click here to test drive a working demonstration of the industry leading comparative rating software.

To learn more about these freight software offerings from LJS, just click here to contact LJS Logistics.

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